Exercise 1

Published April 29, 2012 by ourenglishzone7

Select the correct form!

  1. Marie has worked in that office (for, since) many years.
  2. By the time we got there, Tony (had, has) left.
  3. When we arrived, Alice (read, was reading) the newspaper.
  4. This book is mine, and that book is (your, yours).
  5. We (must, had to) go to the hospital last night to see a friend who is  sick.
  6. We (haven’t to, don’t have to) work tomorrow.
  7. We (have been, were) in California for two months last winter.
  8. When Marco got home, Marie (cooks, was cooking) dinner.
  9. I (bought, was buying) some new CDs yesterday.
  10. What time did you (leave, left) home this morning?
  11. Hurry! The bus (comes, is coming).
  12. They (have, are having) dinner now.
  13. The teacher explained (us, to us) the meaning of the word.
  14. Rita wants (me to go, that I go) to the movies with her.
  15. He gave (me, to me) all the money he had.
  16. The wind (is blowing, blows) very hard during the month of March.
  17. I didn’t hear (someone, anyone) in the next room.
  18. We (went, have gone) to the movies last night.
  19. We (are, have been) friend for many years.
  20. Julio (said, told) that he could not come to the party.
  21. Listen! The birds (sing, are singing).
  22. He is (a, an) old friend of hers.
  23. We (didn’t have, hadn’t had) anything to eat all day, so we ordered  a lot of food.
  24. They (was, were) both sitting in the park when I saw them.
  25. When I met him, he already (has had, had had) his lunch.
  26. Andrew (saved, has saved) five hundred dollars since January.
  27. Last night, while we (walked, were walking) home, we met some old friends.
  28. Nina (went, has gone) to the dance with Alex last night.
  29. We have (eaten, ate) at this restaurant several times.
  30. He gave (to me, me) some money.
  31. She asked (me to wait, that I wait) for her.
  32. He (said, told) that he would be back at six o’clock.
  33. She said her last name (is, was) Castro.
  34. He said that he (will, would) wait for us after class.
  35. Ruth sat (between, among) Sachiko and Stephanie.
  36. Liz always (sits, is sitting) at this desk.
  37. I (am, was) going to go swimming yesterday, but it was too cold.
  38. He called up Gina (to, for) invite her to dinner
  39. She spends (a lot of, many) time on her English.
  40. He has always been a good friend of (her, hers)
  41. Yesterday I met an old classmate of (me, my, mine)
  42. He (told, said) us that he would meet us soon.
  43. Chris was sick yesterday and (can, could) not come to class.
  44. When I got there, they (were having, had) dinner.
  45. We already (made, make) an appointment for next week.
  46. She (had to have, must have) he paper finished yesterday.
  47. I was surprised to see him because he (hasn’t, hadn’t) told me he (is, was) coming.
  48. Petty always (comes, is coming) to school by bus.
  49. He (works, has worked) for that firm since March.
  50. It (rained, was raining) hard when I got up his morning.

All days are short to Industry and long to Idleness.

( Time goes by slowly when you have nothing to do.)


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