LATIHAN SOAL BIMBEL (u/ tgl 11-12 April 2012)

Published April 8, 2012 by ourenglishzone7

Last year I left New Zealand for Bunaken Island.  I went there with a group of New Zealand divers.  Getting there was not quite easy.  Soon after our arrival at Bunaken, we got a general briefing.  It concluded a description about how to take pictures under water.

Then, we began our diving.  In our diving, we saw groups of tiny fish.  In order to identify them, we need a good guide.  Without some knowledge of their habitat and behaviour, it was difficult to identify.

In summary, the trip was mostly enjoyable.  This place is so impressive with its marine life.

1.  When did the writer begin his diving?

a.  after describing Bunaken Island

b.  after arriving at Bunaken Island

c.  after taking pictures under water

d.  after getting a general briefing

2.  What is the best title for the text above?

a.  Briefing in Bunaken Island

b.  Arriving in Bunaken Island

c.  Diving in Bunaken Island

d.  Describing of Bunaken Island

3.  Bunaken Island is famous for its…..

a.  enjoyable trip

b.  good guide

c.  tiny fish

d.  marine life

4.  “We saw groups of  ‘tiny’ fish”.  The word tiny means……

a.  very small

b.  colorful

c.  various

d.  funny


        One night a thief was returning home from robbery.  It was a (5)………..night because it was very late.  Nothing could be heard but the sounds of small creatures.  He met (6)………along the road.  All the people had a deep sleep.

       Suddenly he heard the low bark of a dog coming from the sky.  He heard another and another, louder and nearer.  He felt very scared (7)………he saw some dogs and a huntsman with a black face and horn behind  them coming nearer.

5.  a.  crowded

     b.  busy

     c.  very busy

    d.  very quite

6.  a.  everybody

     b.  some people

    c.  nobody

    d. somebody

7.  a.  when

      b.  although

     c.  but

    d.  however

8.  Tania        :  I like the “Galaxy Radio” very much.  The programs are very interesting.

      Vita          :  I know, it is good, but the “Family Radio” is…….I think.

      a.  good

     b.  worse

    c.  better

    d. bad

9.  Andi  :  We are in a hurry.  How should we go?  By bike or motorcycle?

      Felly :  I think motorcycle will be better, because it is…..than bike.

   a.  fast

  b.  faster

  c.  slow

   d. slower

10.  Yemin Loyola is a Mexican girl.  She……in Indonesia since last year.  She is here to study Indonesian culture in a private university in Central Java.

a.  is

b.  was

c.  has been

d.  have been

11.  On our way home last week we……at some places.

a.  has stopped

b.  stops

c.  stopped

d.  is stopping

12.  The students were collecting their exercises books……

a.  when the teacher came in

b.  this morning

c.  for about twenty minutes

d.  just now

13.  Mother…….to the market an hour ago.

a.  goes

b.  going

c.  went

d.  go

14.  Elo   : I met your brother at the bus station. Where did he go?

        Yusri:  He… Bogor to visit our grandmother.

 a.  goes

b.  is going

c.  went

d.  was going

15.  Reni:  Where were they when the accident happened?

       Rani :  They…  Marina swimming pool.

a.  are swimming

b.  have swum

c.  swim

d. were swimming

16. Erwin was walking home from school……

a.  when I saw him

b.  before I came

c. after I washed

d. and I am washing

17.  Andi …….his lessons when his father arrived.

a.  is studying

b.  was studying

c.  has studied

d. studied

18.  They……the wild tiger the day before yesterday.

a.  catch

b. were no catching

c.  caught

d.  are catching

19.  When the rain stopped, she……for the bus for an hour.

a.  had been waiting

b. waited

c. was waiting

d. has waited

20. They……in the library for two hours.

a.  read

b.  are reading

c.  has read

d. have read


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