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               Steven was doing his homework when his brother came home. After putting down his bag, George immediately switched on the television. The loud noise from the television set disturbed Steven.

Steven asked George to lower the volume but George did not want to do that. Steven became angry. He went into the kitchen and complained to his mother. Mrs. Lee put down the papaya she was cutting and went into the living room. When George saw his mother, he quickly lowered the volume.

  1. What kind of  text is the text above?
  2. Who is George?
  3. What did George do after he got home?
  4. Why was Steven angry with George?
  5. Where was Mrs. Lee when Steven complained to her?
  6. Who does ‘his mother’ (line 7) refer to?

There were dark clouds in the sky when Jack set off for his grandmother’s house. A strong gust of wind was blowing, too. On the way, he stopped at a florist to buy six pretty red roses.

Clutching the roses in one hand, Jack pedaled very hard along the stony path. When Jack reached his grandmother’s house, he realized that his cap had been blown off. He was disappointed when he saw that all the petals of the half-dozen roses had fallen off.

1. Which of the following phrases tells you that it was a windy day?

a. ‘a long way’

b.‘a strong gust of wind’

c. ‘dark clouds in the sky’

d.‘his grandmother’s house

2. A florist is a person who sells ………

a. fruit

b. cards

c. sweets

3. In line 4, the word ‘pedaled’ tells you that jack went to his grandmother’s house ……..

a. by bus car train

d.on his bicycle

4. By the time Jack reached his grandmother’s house ……….

a.  it had started to rain

b. the wind had stopped blowing

c. he wasn’t wearing a cap anymore.

d. There were stones in his cap.

5.  According to the passage, Jack bought ……

a. six roses

b. a rose plant

c. some petals

d. a dozen roses

It was a hot afternoon. Miss Lee was showing the pupils of Primary 2B how to solve a problem sum. Everybody in the class was paying attention, except Steven.

Steven was very sleepy. He had stayed up late to watch a soccer match on television the night before. His mother had told him not to do so but he had disobeyed her. Steven put his head on the table and closed his eyes.

When he woke up a short while later, Miss Lee was standing next to him. Steven felt scared when he saw the frown on her face.

6.  Miss Lee taught the pupils of Primary 2B ……..

a. Music

b. English

c. Mathematics

d. Physical Education

7. According to the passage, Steven’s classmates ……

a. Felt sleepy

b. Did not pay attention in class

c. Had stayed up late to watch the soccer match

d. Were being taught how to solve a problem sum

8. Steven had probably watched the soccer match at ….

a. school

b. a stadium

c. home

d. a community centre

9. After Steven put his head on the table, he ……

a. fell asleep

b. opened his eyes

c. heard someone call his name

d. saw Miss Lee standing next to him

10. The phrase ‘the frown on her face’ tells you that Miss Lee was …..

a. Sad

b. Displeased

c. Ashamed

d. Sleepy

Paul Cho was going to his aunt’s house when he saw some stray dogs. The dogs looked skinny and hungry;

Paul picked up a stick that was lying on the ground. He threw it at the poor dogs. And managed to hit a black “one”. The black dog barked fiercely at Paul and chased him. Paul ran as fast as his legs could carry him. When he had almost reached his aunt’s place, he fell.

The dog bit Paul’s leg. His aunt heard him screaming for help. She came out of the house and chased the dog away.

  1. Find a word from the passage that has the same meaning as ‘thin’.
  2. Why did the black dog bark fiercely at Paul?
  3. Where did Paul run to when the dog chased him?
  4. What did the dog do when Paul fell?
  5. How did Paul’s aunt know that he was in trouble?
  6. The word ‘one’ in paragraph two refers to ……..


Dear diary,

Last night I met a monster. A ……… monster. I was ….. in a place, middle of nowhere. It like an island. Then oh my God I saw ….. reptiles, they were very much like the ……. But their skin was more scaly. They had head a bit like young cows, their teeth …… out in a way that made them seem to be smiling foolishly. In their ….. steps, they were approaching me …… oh no! Oh God! Were they going to eat me? I never ……… hard. Ouucchh…. They were biting me and going to swallow me! But a …… hand touched my head. It was my mom, she was calming me down, she said that I was screaming and yelling aloud. Thank God it was only a horrible dream..

Shaking                looked                  horrible                slow                       thought

Damped               gentle                   amphibians         stuck                     strange                 some

            Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in Java. One day, there was a big battle in that kingdom because there was an attack from another kingdom.

The king asked his Queen to save her life. Alas! In the middle of the jungle the enemy killed all her guards. The queen has lucky because she could save her her life by changing herself into a golden snail. One day an old woman saw the snail and took it home. She looked after it. Every day when the old woman was not at home, the snail turned into a human being. She cooked and did the household scores. When the old woman got home, the queen quickly turned into a snail again. It happened several times and made the old woman curious. One day the old woman peeped and saw what was going on. She broke in, immediately. She

asked, “Why did you changed yourself into a snail ?” The queen told her what happened.

The old woman was surprised to know that the snail was a queen.

Later, from the head of the village they discovered that the king won the battle and now he was looking for his wife. Then the village head sent a message to the king telling him that his wife was safe.

Several days later, The king and his guards came to pick up the queen. They thanked the villagers for their kindness.

1.  Who was actually the golden snail ? She is ___________

a.  The king

b.  The queen

c.  The old woman

d. King’s guard

2.  Made the old woman curious . The underlined word means ………….

a. Eager to know

b. Didn’t care

c. Angry

d. Sad

3.  The main purpose of the text is to…

a.  Inform events in the past

b.  Describe a person or a place

c. Entertain the readers

d. Narrate the story

4.  Which paragraph shows complication ?

a.  1

b.  2

c.  3

d. 4

Once there was a huge elephant who lived in the forest. He crashed along on his bug flash feet.

            But one morning, as the elephant trembled across a clearing, he heard a tiny squawking sound.

“Oh please, said a tiny voice, please be careful ! You’re standing on my tail !

Trapped by the elephant’s foot was a very small mouse.

“I am sorry” said the elephant. “I’ll be more careful in the future”

From that that day, the elephant always made sure that he was not stepping on a tiny creature. In fact, he was so busy being careful that he didn’t notice the hunters creeping up on him.

Soon he was trapped in the hunters’ net.            As he saw there sadly, the elephant was astonished to hear a tiny voice.

“One good turn deserves another,” squeaked the little mouse and she guard through the net with a happy trumpeting sound, the elephant broke free.

Answer the questions based on the text .

  1. What is the suitable title for the text ?
  2. What happened to the mouse ?
  3. How was the elephant ?
  4. Who wanted to kill the elephant ?
  5. …. he heard a tiny squawking sound.  What does the underlined word mean ?



Snow White

            Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Snow White. She lived with her aunt an uncle because her parents were dead.

One day she heard her uncle and aunt talking about leaving Snow White in the castle because they both wanted to go to America and they didn’t have enough money to take Snow White.

Snow White didn’t want her uncle and aunt to do this, so she decided it would be best if she ran away. The next morning she ran away from home when her aunt and uncle were having breakfast. She ran away into the woods. She was very tired and hungry. The she saw a little cottage. She knocked but no one answered so she went inside and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the seven dwarfs who lived in the cottage were coming home from work. They went inside. There they found Snow White sleeping. Then Snow White woke up. She saw the dwarfs. The dwarfs said ”What is your name?” Snow White answered “My name is Snow White”

One of the dwarfs said “If you want, you may live here with us.”   Snow White replied “ Oh, may I? Thank you.” Then she told the dwarfs the whole story. Then they lived in the cottage happily ever after.

1.  What type of text is used by the writer?

a. Narrative

b. Recount

c. Descriptive

d. Report

2. The communicative of the text is ….

a. to inform the readers about important newsworthy events

b. to entertain readers with fairy tale

c. to share an account of an unusual event

d. to persuade readers to accept his/her opinions

3.  In which paragraph can we find complication?

a. The first

b. The second

c. The third

d. The fourth

4. The last paragraph functions as ….

a. coda

b. conclusion

c. reorientation

d. resolution

5. The verbs in the text are mostly written in …

a. present continuous tense

b. simple present tense

c. simple past tense

d. past continuous tense


  1. It was a good party. I enjoyed it (enjoy).
  2. Did you do the dishes?” (you / do) “No, I didn’t have time.” (I / have)
  3. “Did you call Alan?” “No, I’m sorry. ……… (I / forget)
  4. I like your watch. Where ……. It? (you / get)
  5. I saw Lucy at the party, but …… to her. (I / speak)
  6. “…….. a nice weekend?” (you / have) “Yes, I saw a friend of mine.”
  7. Paul was sick yesterday, so ……. To work. (he / go)
  8. “Is Mary here?” “Yes, ……. Here five minutes ago.” (she / get)
  9. Where ……. before he moved here? (Bob / live)
  10. The restaurant wasn’t expensive. ……. Very much. (the meal / cost)


  1. It was raining (rain) when we went (go) out.
  2. When I got to the office, Al and Jan ………(work).
  3. I …….(open) the window because it was hot.
  4. The phone ……. (ring) while Sue ……… (cook) dinner.
  5. I ….. (hear) a noise, so I ………… (look) out the window.
  6. Tom ……. (look) out the window when the accident …… (happen)
  7. Bruce had a book in his hand, but he ….. (not / read) it. He …… (watch) TV.
  8. Erin bought a magazine, but she ……. (not / read) it She didn’t have time.
  9. I ……. (finish) lunch, …… (pay) and …… (leave) the restaurant.
  10. I …….. (see) Kate this morning. I ……. (walk) along the street, and she ….. (wait) for the bus.

Use simple past or present perfect. In some sentences, both either simple past or present perfect can be used, but they have different meanings.

  1. I (attend not) ……… any party since I came here.
  2. Al (go) ………. To a party at Sally’s apartment last Saturday night.
  3. Bill (arrive) …….. here three days ago.
  4. Bill (be) ……. Here since 22nd.
  5. Try not to be absent from class again for the rest of the term. You (miss, already) ………two classes just last week.
  6. Last January, I (see) ………snow for the first time in my life.
  7. In her whole life time, Anna (see, never) …………. snow.
  8. I (know) ………… Greg Adams for ten years.
  9. So far the week I (have) ………. Two tests and a quiz.
  10. Up to now, Professor William (give) ……. Our class four tests.

Use Simple Past or Present Perfect!

  1. What (learn,you)……..since you (come)……here? How many new friends (make, you)……………? I hope you (meet, already)…………………a lot of interesting people.
  2. Since classes began, I (have, not)……………….much free time. I (have)………….several big tests to study for.
  3. Last night my roommate and I (have)………….some free time, so we (go) ………….to a show.
  4. I admit that I (get)……..older since I last (see)……you, but with any luck at all, I (get, also)……………….wiser.
  5. The science of medicine (advance)……..a great deal in the nineteenth century.
  6. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, medical scientists (make)……….many important discoveries.
  7. Libraries tody are different from those in the 1880s.  For example, the contents of libraries (change)…………..greatly through the years.  In the 1880s, the libraries (be)……simply collections of books.  However, today most libraries (become)…….multimedia centers that contain tapes, computers, disks, films, magazines, music, and paintings.
  8. A         : Do you like lobster?

B         : I don’t know. I (eat, never)…………it


  1. A             : What  were you doing (you / do)  when the phone ring (ring).

B             : I was watching (watch) TV.

  1. A             : Was Tracy busy when you went to see her?

B             : Yes, she ……… (study).

  1. A             : What time ……… (the mail / come ) this morning?

B             : It ……. (come) while I …….. (have) breakfast.

  1. A             : Was Megan at work today?

B             : No, she …….. (not / go) work. She was sick.

  1. A             : How fast ……. (you / drive) when the police ……(stop) you?

B             : I don’t know exactly, but I ……… (not / drive) very fast.

  1. A             : …….. (your team / win) the baseball game yesterday?

B             : No, the weather was very bad, so we ……… (not / play).

  1. A             : How ……. (you / break) the window?

B             : We ……(play) baseball. I …….(hit) the ball, and it ……… the window.

  1. A             : ………..(you / see) Judy at night?

B             : Yes, she ……(wear) a long dress.

  1. A             : What ……. (you / do) at 2 o’clock this morning?

B             : I was asleep.

  1. A             : I …… (lose) my key last night.

B             : How ……. (you / get) into your apartment?

A             : I …….. (climb) in through a window.


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