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San Francisco is my favorite city in the United States.  It is beautiful, clean, not too big, and it has something for everybody.  The streets wind up and down the hills, with beautiful old brick and wooden houses on either side.

One of my favorite things to do in San Francisco is to ride the cable car.  It takes you to most part of the city.  It is not a comfortable ride, but it’s exciting and the views you get from the car are wonderful.

And I like the weather in San Francisco.  It never gets too cold or hot.  The summers are pleasant.  The fresh breezes blow off the ocean and the sky is always blue.  It rains quite a lot in the winter, but it never gets very cold.

Another thing I enjoy about the city is the restaurants.  The seafood restaurants, with crabs and lobsters, are my favorites.  You can also get great Chinese, Japanese, American and European food in San Francisco.

1. What is interesting about streets in San Francisco?

a. They wind up and down the hills

b. They are clean and not too big

c.They take you to most part of the city

2. What’s the weather like there?

a. It’s beautiful

b. It’s fine

c. It’s too cold

d. It’s not too hot

3. How are the restaurants in San Francisco?

a. They are great

b. They’re expensive

c. They’re cheap

d. They are not interesting

4. San Francisco is really a ….city for the writer.

a. Great

b. Expensive

c. Hot

d. Cold

5. It never gets too cold or too hot (paragraph 3 line 1). The word it refers to….

a. The weather

b. The sky

c. The ocean

d. The view

I have a very cute female cat.  It’s name is Barbie.  It has not only soft but also thick fur.  It likes eating fish mixed with cooked rice.  Its favorite fish is Tuna.  It always wakes me up in the morning by meowing nearby over and over again.  Now apparently it has just met its soul male-a black cat called Tom whose master is my next-door neighbor.  They match each other.

6.  What is Barbie?

a. The writer’s neighbor

b. A female cat

c. A male cat

d. A beautiful doll

7. Why does Barbie meow nearby the writer in the morning?

a. To get some food

b. Because it is angry

c. Because it is hungry

d. To wake up the writer

8.  It has not only soft but also thick fur. The opposite of the word thick is….

a. Small

b. Big

c. Thin

d. Long

9. “It”always wakes me up in the morning by meowing….. .  What does the word “It” refer to?

a. The writer

b. The writer’s neighbor

c. A male cat

d. Barbie

10. “They” match each other .”(the last sentence). The underlined word refers to….

a. Barbie and Tom

b.The writer and Barbie

c. The writer’s next-door neighbor and Tom

d. The writer and his/her next door neighbor

11. I’m a small animal.  I live under stones and rocks. I have four pairs of legs.  I have a pair of sharp pincers. I also have a venomous sting in my long tail.  I’m a…..

a. Scorpion

b. Zebra

c. Elephant

d. Chicken

12. I’m big and strong. I have stripes on my body, but I’m not a zebra.  When I roar, other animals run away. I’m a….

a. Horse

b. Lion

c. Eagle

d. Tiger

13. It is the biggest among the birds of prey.  It has white feathers on its head. It eats fish, snatching them from rivers.  It is a…

a. Penguin

b. Eagle

c. Monkey

d. Pigeon

14. It is very long.  It doesn’t have any legs. It eats small animals. It is sometimes poisonous. It is a …..

a. Snake

b. Penguin

c. Giraffe

d. Mouse

15. This is a wild animal.  It has four legs and hard skin.  It looks like a lizard but very big.  It usually lives in a swamp and it eats animals, too.  Okay, can you guess what animal it is?

a. Snake

b. Scorpion

c. Tiger

d. Crocodile

16. Diana  : Where does Lili live?

Andy   : She…..on Jl. Taman Asri.

a. Live

b. Lives

c. Is living

d. lived

17. ……..twice a week.

a. Edy is reading a story

b. Edy is going to read a story

c. Edy read a story

d. Edy reads a story

18. My father usually…. me a present for my birthday.

a. Gives

b. Give

c. Gave

d. Is giving

19. We…..our Independence Day every August 17th.

a. Are celebrating

b. Celebrates

c. Is celebrating

d. Will celebrate

20. Dona visits her uncle in America….

a. Once a year

b. Last year

c. Next year

d. Yesterday

II.  a. Fill in the blanks with the correct Simple Present Tense form!

  1. We ………(brush) our teeth every morning.
  2. That man always………(work) hard.
  3. I……..(like) durians.
  4. Mr. Michael………(speak) English well.
  5. My grandfather…….not…….(speak) English.
  6. The servant……..(sweep) the floor every day.
  7. My sister………(take) a bath twice a day.
  8. ……Mr. Xie…….(drink coffee in the morning?
  9. … always…….(watch) television in the evening?
  10. My mother……..(go) to the market five times a week.
  11. A cow……..(give) us beef and milk.
  12. Crocodiles………not…….(eat) grass.

b. Fill in the blanks with the correct Simple Present Tense form!

Mrs. Tan and her family (1)…….(live) in a village.

Mrs. Tan (2)……(go) to the town twice a week to do her shopping. She (3)……(go) there by bus.

She (4)……(say) that many things is cheaper in the town than in the village. A kilogram of rice, for example, (5)……(cost) under over a dollar but in the village it (6)……(cost) over a dollar.

She (7) …….(have) to pay her bus fare, of course.  Sometimes, she (8)…….(take) her daughter, Meilin, with her.

III. Make a description!

  1. One of your friend
  2. One of your favorite pet

IV.  Translate these words then make sentence based on it!

  1. Talkative
  2. smart
  3. polite
  4. wise
  5. quiet

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